About us

Who is HQ Prom Dresses?

At HQ Prom Dresses we offer Prom Dresses from the world's top designers. Since we are based online, we are able to save the costs of operating an in-person store. We pass these savings on to you with major discounts. Take a look around. You are sure to find that perfect dress.

HQ Prom Dresses is a husband and wife business that sells various dress designs with reduced prices throughout the world. The online retailer debuted after the couple toured Europe, where they consolidated the latest fashion designs into one store. Through their travels, the duo managed to gather the best concepts to help create new looks, and thus began their journey to set the trend for prom dresses. Now girl throughout the world are wearing fun new prom dresses that can’t be found at any other store. Designing and distributing the best styles to girls throughout the world is one thing, but the company also aims to sell these beautifyl dresses at lower prices than what would be paid in stores. This was all in an attempt to win the global designing market, a penetration that HQ Prom Dresses managed to achieve. HQ Prom Dresses opened one of the first websites dedicated to selling prom dresses that cannot be found in stores, as a way to offer grads reduced prices to gain top-notch styles from leading designers. Operating online reduces operational costs, and these savings are passed on to the clients.

But a more important venture is HQ Prom Dresses’ participation in giving back to society through enabling young women from developing countries to learn how to clothe themselves. For instance, HQ Prom Dresses donates 5% of every sale to a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya, SOKO Kenya initiative. HQ Prom Dresses decided to settle on donating to SOKO Kenya initiative since it is equally an organization based on fashion designs that manufactures ethical fashion, while also handling issues affecting Kenya, such as low employment. The organization also provides ethical prices to locals through the generous contribution from businesses such as HQ Prom Dresses.